Why your Brand? 


Your beauty salon, practice, medi-spa or e-shop, training school has its own unique identity, from your signature services to the special relationships you’ve created with your clients. Now it’s time for you to build your most precious asset, your good name, by creating your own prestige brand. 

Your clients and/or students look to you and your staff for expertise in beauty care. They respect your knowledge, and they trust you. The recommendations of your staff are the single most powerful influence on their buying decisions. Why not channel that power into building your own valuable brand equity? 

When you sell name brand lines, you build everyone’s business but your own, at prices that don’t allow you to grow your company. Over-exposed professional brands make you vulnerable, it’s easy to lose sales to competitors offering the same products, sometimes at lower prices. You also risk having your brand-name products show up on retail e-commerce sites or at beauty supply outlets. When you sell your own brand, exclusivity and customer loyalty are ensured.


We offer you an amazing array of technically advanced nail files and pedicure discs with changeable files for manicures and pedicurists or podologist.

What makes Kerman files official services unique is that we offer the customer a personal touch by providing the option of PRIVATE  LABELING and customization on almost all of the products viewed on this website!

Since we do the manufacturing, packing, and shipping right at our facility, we can easily add your company logo and information to the actual nail file or product ordered by you. See below for details.

Sample sizes are available, please inquire as to which samples you are interested in as prices vary


Facts about KERMAN FILES OFFICIAL in 2022

  • Sold more than 25 000 pododiscs which was 50% under of white label
  • Sold more than 10 000 nailfiles with personal logo then Kerman
  • Furthest export client lives from us 6 757 km away from our factory
  • Served more then 25 new private label clients in 2022